Medicus is open for all your urgent care needs

Now open in Scranton and Dunmore!


1208 O'Neill Highway,
Dunmore, PA, 18512


305 Mulberry St,
Scranton, PA 18503

About Medicus

Medicus Urgent Care is a walk-in clinic along the I-81 corridor in Dunmore, PA. Since opening in 2009, Medicus has grown from a small facility with seven employees to a leader in local healthcare, employing more than twenty doctors, physician’s assistants, nurses, x-ray technicians and clerical staff. We treat minor illness and injuries for the public and occupational medicine services for our local businesses.

Medicus is the creation of Dr. Donna Eget, a board certified emergency physician, who saw the frustrations of her patients in the hospital setting. While most ER patients had serious conditions, those with minor illness and injuries requiring immediate care were forced to endure long waits and pay high ER co-pays for the care they needed. Along with her partner, Carolyn Beers, she conceptualized the urgent care, financed, supervised the conversion to a medical office, and set up the practice.

Why Medicus?

With urgent cares opening all around us, it’s important for patients to choose the right one. At Medicus Urgent Care, we feel we’re the best around for many reasons:

We are the only urgent care in the area certified by the Urgent Care Association of America. This means are doctors are well trained, don’t order unnecessary tests or antibiotics, respect your rights as a patient, and bill appropriately. To learn more about our accreditation, check the home page.

Our hours are the most extensive of any urgent care in the county, affording our patients great convenience.

We are owner-operated. Many urgent cares are staffed by physicians who work for large corporations or investment groups looking to make a profit in medicine. Medicus’s owner, Dr. Donna Eget, works regularly in the clinic to make sure all of our standards are upheld, that problems are quickly addressed, and that staff and patient needs are met.

We are state of the art, with electronic health records, the Qless system to sign in from home, and digital x-rays which are read by a certified radiologist.

We uphold the standards required by insurance companies to treat their patients, and participate in most insurance plans.

Why Urgent Care?

Each year, more than 150 million Americans choose urgent care to treat their minor illness and injuries. Use of urgent care centers grows each year, for some very good reasons:

Accessibility – centers are conveniently located, with easy access to parking.

Courtesy – because many urgent care centers are privately owned by the doctors who staff them, they are concerned about making a good impression.

Wait Times – urgent care wait times are much shorter than the average emergency room. Even when the ER advertises 30 minutes or less, the fact is, you’ll still wait longer. That thirty minute promise is the time to see a human being, not to be treated by the doctor and discharged to home.

Lower Cost – insurance companies classify urgent care as a specialty, so you’re cost to visit our clinic is the same as your specialty co-pay, not the much higher fee.