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Now open in Scranton and Dunmore!


1208 O'Neill Highway,
Dunmore, PA, 18512


305 Mulberry St,
Scranton, PA 18503

About Your Visit

Before Your Visit

Make sure you’re prepared to provide photo identification, your insurance card, if covered (see our list of accepted insurance plans), and a credit or debit card.

Please complete the Registration Form ahead of time to shorten your wait time.

Your Visit

Once you arrive at Medicus Urgent Care, check-in at the front desk and provide your photo ID and proof of insurance (if you’re insured). You may be asked to read and complete an additional information form, if needed.

Once you’re checked-in, you’ll head to one of our comfortable private examination rooms, and your blood pressure, pulse, and other basic vital signs will be taken by one of our nurses on staff. The appointment with our doctor will usually include an examination and discussion about your symptoms, a diagnosis or a recommendation for further steps to be taken, and a plan of treatment fit to your specific needs.

Our wait times are based on our assessment of the severity of each patients situation, and can vary based on need. If you’d like to check-in ahead of time, please click here.

After Your Visit

After your appointment, you’ll receive discharge instructions from our front desk, with a record of your visit and information on the next steps you may need to take.

If applicable, and depending on your insurance plan, you’ll also receive a bill for the services provided during your visit. You may pay at check-out, or click below to pay your bill online.

Please Note:

Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to receive treatment.

If you have any specific questions about your visit, please contact us.