Medicus is open for all your urgent care needs

Now open in Scranton and Dunmore!


1208 O'Neill Highway,
Dunmore, PA, 18512


305 Mulberry St,
Scranton, PA 18503

Injury & Sickness Services


We can draw any type of lab specimen a doctor may need, with results usually back the next day. We offer instant urinalysis, pregnancy testing, strep testing, influenza testing and urine drug screening.


Our digital x-ray system provides clear images with precision detail. We can take X-Rays of all 206 of the body’s bones to evaluate for fracture (broken bones), of the chest to look for things like pneumonia and collapsed lung, or the abdomen for bowel obstruction and constipation. We also take X-Rays of wounds to look for foreign bodies. All of our X-Rays are read on site by our staff physicians, and then sent to a radiologist for confirmation. We can provide you with a copy of your X-Rays on a CD to take with you to your Primary Doctor or Specialists.


We currently offer hepatitis, influenza and tetanus vaccines.

Physical Exams:

We can do a physical exam and complete forms for all your needs. Annual Physicals, DOT Physicals, Driver’s License Physicals, Work Physicals and Sports Physicals.

Additional Services:

We can put in stitches, drain an abscess, remove foreign bodies from the eyes, ears, nose or under skin or fingernails. We can also splint your sprains or broken bones.