Medicus is open for all your urgent care needs

Now open in Scranton and Dunmore!


1208 O'Neill Highway,
Dunmore, PA, 18512


305 Mulberry St,
Scranton, PA 18503

Occupational Medicine Services

Medicus has board certified physicians to care for all of your workers injuries, and a staff trained to help with other occupational needs.

We are open every day, except major holidays. With 80 hours of weekly of clinic time,  Medicus offers the most coverage for your needs. There is no need to visit the ER and pay outrageous charges when we are open until 8 pm and on weekends. Our flexibility in allowing your workers to come into the office for follow-ups during non-working hours also saves companies money.

Medicus also offers a customer guide to help managers and HR staff determine which patients need to go to the ER, which can come to the office, and which can be treated with first-aid at the work site.

Services Available:


We perform pre-employment physicals to determine suitability for employment. Medicus will evaluate your job duties to make sure candidates are capable of performing up to your expectations.

DOT Physicals:

DOT physicals are conducted according to the strict DOT guidelines. If you have any medical conditions, take medication, or have been hospitalized recently, you should bring all pertinent information with you to your visit.

Injury Evaluation and Management

Medicus will manage injuries and refer to the appropriate specialists when necessary. We are cognizant of worker’s comp issues, and will try to keep employees at work when feasible. We order appropriate testing and refer when necessary.

Medicus Urgent Care has an X-Ray on site, to evaluate for broken bones, and can handle splinting broken bones or sprains and wound care, including burn treatment and stitches.

Occupational Exposure Management

We can evaluate for exposures to toxic gasses such as carbon monoxide and treat inhalation injuries, irritating eye injuries, and chemical burns.

Comprehensive Drug Testing Programs

What drugs should you test for? After performing more than 5,000 drug screens, the Medical Review Officer at Medicus has gathered data to help design a drug testing program that suits your needs. This reduces false positives, delays due to non-negatives and gets you results faster. We can also tailor a drug testing program to fit your businesses unique needs – contact us for details.

EKGS and Labs:

If the provider at Medicus is unable to determine your diagnosis by history and exam, we can do EKGs and run lab tests in the office. If further testing is needed, we can draw blood here to send out to another lab.

Hearing Screening

We have sophisticated equipment for hearing screening to determine baseline thresholds, so you can monitor hearing over time and made any corrections needed on the operational level.

Vision Screening

Our vision screening equipment evaluates equity, depth perception and color vision for jobs where those are required.